Discover the Innovations in Leading with Obeya Certification Levels

You might have already noticed, but we still want to inform you about the exciting changes happening in the certification levels at Leading with Obeya (LWO).

Why are we changing the names?

At LWO, we have decided to introduce new names for our various training levels. This change aims to make the distinction between the levels clearer. This adjustment will not only lead to a better understanding of the different levels but will also seamlessly align with our vision of how knowledge and skills should be developed when working with the Leading with Obeya method.

New names for the certification levels

  1. Foundation Instead of Fundamentals: The certification level previously known as “Fundamentals” is now referred to as “Foundation.” While “Fundamentals” mainly refers to basic knowledge, “Foundation” implies a solid basis to build upon. The name “Foundation” also emphasizes that this level is essential for the effective use of Leading with Obeya as a method. The certificate indicates that someone has acquired the necessary knowledge to actively participate in an Obeya where this method is applied.

For whom: This level is intended for anyone who will be working with the Leading with Obeya method, whether as a participant, supporter, facilitator, or coach.

  1. Facilitator Instead of Facilitation: The level previously known as “Facilitation” is now called “Facilitator.” This new name places slightly less emphasis on the process itself and focuses more on the active role of guiding sessions. The certificate at this level attests to someone’s ability to effectively guide management teams during Obeya sessions. With deep insight and experience in using the board, facilitators apply skillful interventions, rhythm, and routine to support the management team in effectively utilizing the method.

For whom: This level is directed towards coaches, scrum masters, organizational improvers, and others in supportive roles within the Obeya team.

  1. Specialist I & II Instead of Master: Instead of the “Master” level, we now introduce the levels “Specialist I & II.” This change is made to provide clearer specialization and expertise. The “Specialist I” certificate represents deep theoretical proficiency, while the “Specialist II” certificate demonstrates someone’s ability to effectively apply this theoretical knowledge in practice.

For whom: These levels are intended for Agile, Lean coaches, and similar roles in organizational improvement. They encompass individuals with a significant profile and authority to guide (management) teams through the changes brought about by LWO.

What does this mean for existing certificate holders?

If you have already obtained a certificate, there is no need to worry. The new names do not impact the validity or status of your earned certificate. Starting from September 2023, upon completing a training, you will receive the new certificate corresponding to the level you have achieved.

We wanted to share these important changes with you. Feel free to get in touch if you need more information; we are always ready to assist!