What is Obeya?

Obeya is the management solution

Leading with Obeya facilitationObeya is the solution to put management of strategy into practice. It originated with Toyota and means “large room” in Japanese. Toyota has a long history of continuous improvement (based, among other things, on the ideas of continuous improvement / Plan Do Study Act by Deming) and the use of visual management. Their way of working achieves consistency, coherence and improved performance at every level of the organization. Studying Toyota’s success has led, among other things, to what we know today as Lean.

Toyota has used the Obeya to develop the Prius, the world’s most successful hybrid car. Not only was the Prius 2x more economical and just as affordable as a comparable petrol car, but the world-famous hybrid was also developed twice as fast as the comparable car like the Toyota Corolla.

“The ultimate goal in the Obeya is seeing, learning and acting together”

What are the benefits of working with Obeya?

  • Sharp goal formulation and coherence of everything that needs to be done to achieve the goals
  • Visualizations of the work to get a clear picture of where we are and where we want to go and find problems that come our way
  • Meeting methods that help to clarify and share the context in which we work and thus come together for effective actions and decision-making
  • Ultimately, people in the Obeya come together to see, learn and act together, in order to realize the intended strategic goals.


Ask away!

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