Obeya Team Kickstart

Start Obeya with your whole team

3-Day training, strategy session and change process, all in one. The result? A ready-to-use Obeya for your team!

  • Create a culture of collaboration and ownership
  • With streamlined processes, clear responsibilities, and improved collaboration
  • Work faster and more effectively.

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LWO Team Kick-Start training

Start Obeya with your entire team!

Our in-house Kickstart combines the Obeya Foundation training for the entire team (or multiple teams within the organization) with customized strategy sessions and coaching for effective implementation.

You get:​

  • A ready-to-use Obeya
  • The LWO Foundation Certificate
  • More effective new meeting routines
  • Access to exclusive templates and tools
  • Improved alignment within and between teams
  • Increased focus on strategic goals
  • Faster response to changes
  • Better insights and increased decisiveness
  • Development of leadership capabilities
  • More trust and collaboration
  • A rewarding and enjoyable experience

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The Kickstart includes:

  • LWO Foundation Training: Key principles and tools for better collaboration and performance.
  • Tailored strategy session: Addressing your unique challenges with expert consultants.
  • Effective Change Process: Integrating Obeya smoothly into your work culture for lasting transformation.

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Direct results

Learn methods that you can immediately apply and see results as early as Monday!

  • Better alignment: on strategy, both with other teams and within the own team

  • More effective meetings: prioritizing important matters, discussing them effectively, and ensuring clear ownership

  • Enhanced insights: avoiding biases by utilizing available visual context and working with facts instead of assumptions

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One room, one strategy, one mindset

  • Development of people: Developing leadership and coaching capabilities within the team

  • Trust and collaboration: Visualization promotes transparency, and continuous dialogue builds trust within the team

  • Rewarding and enjoyable: Achieving effective changes, visible results, and more enjoyable meetings

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Start Obeya with your whole team

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