Leadership with Obeya Team Kick-Start

Our 3-day LWO Team Kick-Start: training, strategy session and change process in one.

LWO Team Kick-Start training

This training is as much about leadership as using the big room. We show how the essential tasks for leadership are tackled in the Obeya.

Who is LWO  Team Kick-Start training for?

Teams that want to get started with Obeya to lead their (part of the) organization. You will learn the fundamental aspects of using Obeya while applying it to your daily practice. The end result after three days of hard work: the fundamental set-up for your Obeya is ready, and you know what Obeya is and how to use it. We will also provide support during the first steps.

Results of this training

  • Your own Obeya, ready for use
  • Team building and mindset
  • Insight into the principles behind Obeya
  • Knowledge and skills to use Obeya yourself
  • Experience with using Obeya according to the Leadership with Obeya method

What will you learn?

  • LWO Team Kick-Start will teach you how to apply your own strategy, goals and plan on the Obeya walls
  • Where Obeya comes from and how it relates to Lean and Agile working
  • Understanding the essence of leadership, why it is difficult, and how Obeya helps
  • We touch on virtual and physical Obeya, working remotely or in-house.
  • Seeing and practicing with physical Obeya and seeing an example of a virtual version of it
  • How the LWO reference model works and how you can apply it in your own environment

Dit is wat onze klanten zeggen

  1. Marije Witvliet

    Great overview, nice interaction and exercises. Really focused on learning together as well as a lot of fun!

  2. Gerry Overton

    The Kickstart Training program was a hands-on training exercise whereby our teams simultaneously learned the Obeya principles while creating our real-life Obeya session boards. At the start of the training, we defined our expectations and then reviewed our progress towards these expectations daily, thus ensuring all expectations were met upon completion.
    One area for improvement would be to ensure all training materials are free from spelling and grammar mistakes – I know it is likely a result of translation but it’s too easy and important of a task to do so that clarity of the intended training is attained.

    Thanks for the training.

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