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LWO Specialist II

  • Guide teams to a successful start
  • Setting up physical and virtual Obeyas
  • Demonstrates your ability
  • LWO in practice

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Guide Teams to Success

The LWO Specialist II certification represents the pinnacle of the Leading with Obeya training program. This certification demonstrates your ability to apply LWO methods in practice, assuring others of your capability to successfully implement Obeya. Request for admission is necessary!

After completing your Specialist I exam, you will be invited to the LWO Specialist II program. A preliminary consultation with your trainer is arranged. While you’ll receive guidance, you are expected to:

  • Find a team to guide
  • Devise a Team-Specific Strategy: Craft a plan suitable for your team.
  • Lead in Setting Up Obeya: Guide your team through the initial stages of establishing their Obeya.
  • Facilitate Early Obeya Sessions: Assist the team during their initial Obeya sessions.

Steps for This Path

  1. Planning: Contact us at to schedule an intake appointment.
  2. Preparation: Fill out the intake template we’ve send you and send it in.
  3. Intake: Discuss your approach in a one-hour meeting.
  4. Get Started!: Begin building the Obeya with your team.
  5. Evaluation: Schedule a physical or virtual appointment for an Obeya session.
  6. Result: Receive your LWO Specialist II certification, depending on your outcomes.
Obeya trainingen - LWO Het platform in de wereld van obeya

Course Details

  • Language: Available in Dutch and English
  • Duration: 4 hours of practical sessions, an evaluation and a practical assessment f
  • Prerequisites: Completion of LWO Specialist I
  • Sign up: Only available on request

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