LWO Foundation

Starting with the basics of Obeya

In this 2-day training, you will get to know Obeya and learn how to use it effectively.

  • Theory and practice
  • By the founder of Leading with Obeya
  • Includes a certificate
  • Rated 9.6/10
  • Price €1,695 (excl. VAT)

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LWO Fundamentals training course

The Key to Effective Leadership and Decision-Making

Obeya, Japanese for ‘big room’, is a visual management tool that connects strategy and operations. All projects, strategies, obstacles, and actions of the team become visible, leading to greater oversight and more effective collaboration. The Leading with Obeya (LWO) method uniquely utilizes the Obeya as a core instrument for team or organizational leadership. In the LWO Foundation training, you learn the basic principles of this method.

The training is in Dutch, unless indicated otherwise. For English, please contact us.  Also available as e-Training

  • Leading with Obeya
    Unlike other Obeya trainings, LWO is specifically designed to train leadership teams.
  • More than a tool
    LWO is a method that unites teams around common goals and enables them to function as a single entity.
  • Internationally Recognized Certificate
    Upon completion, you will receive an internationally recognized LWO Foundation certificate.
  • Lots of Extras
    Including exclusive online access to digital Obeya templates and materials, as well as monthly coaching sessions.

After the LWO Foundation training

You will:

  • Understand how leadership integrates with Obeya, including the differences between Obeya as a tool and the Leading with Obeya method.
  • Know the history, basic principles, and benefits of Obeya, and its contribution to organizational goals.
  • Be familiar with routines for effective Obeya meetings.
  • Experience the impact of Obeya through a practical case study and develop the skills to apply it in your own team or organization.
  • Have enjoyed an interactive learning experience.
  • Have access to extensive aftercare, such as monthly coaching, because we aim not just to teach a method but to drive real change.

Who is the LWO Foundation training for?

The LWO Foundation training is designed for leaders, managers, coaches, and anyone aiming to successfully lead teams. No specific prior education is required to participate.

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Want to try Obeya first?

Gain experience in a life-size Obeya and receive tips and strategies from our most experienced trainers. Discover why Leading with Obeya is such a powerful method with our Obeya Introduction Workshop (in Dutch). Participation is free. We have a limited number of tickets, so be sure to sign up early!

Free Workshop

The Power of Obeya

People prefer visual information over text, and that’s what makes Obeya so powerful.

  • Obeya doesn’t add extra work; it actually replaces existing meetings, reports, and protocols, ultimately saving you time;
  • It provides a complete overview for clear situational assessment and informed decision-making;
  • Obeya isn’t just about the physical space or board, but rather the conversations that take place here. It’s about seeing, learning, and taking action together.

Earn the internationally recognized LWO Foundation Certificate.

This training is designed to provide you with a comprehensive foundation in the principles and practices of Obeya. Upon successful completion, you will be rewarded with the LWO Foundation certificate, an internationally recognized proof of your skills and knowledge in Obeya, which is globally recognized and valued by employers.

Additionally, you will receive your Credly Badge. These digital credentials can be shared and verified online in a simple and secure way.

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Why Choose Leading with Obeya!

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Waar komt obeya vandaan | What is the origin of obeya

This is what our clients say

15 customer reviews

  1. Mignon Buijnsters

    I found the training very interesting and instructive!
    Tim = Obeya, and because of this he knows how to convey everything very well. There was room for questions and comments, and by practicing with the different parts during the training, everything became increasingly clear and puzzle pieces fell more and more into place during the training.

  2. Inge Boot

    Good structure of the training, balance between space for conversation and gas when giving. Completely digital from a small studio. Respectfully and well done with a group of ‘critical’ participants.

  3. anonymously

    Fun, interesting training with plenty of room for interaction, sharing examples and asking questions.

  4. Ingrid Leijen

    Learned a lot in the training, both about the obeya and about leadership. Very pleasant trainer, relaxed atmosphere and nice group of students. Gives a lot of food for thought and it provides good tips on how to use the material in practice. It’s great that I got this opportunity to participate, thank you very much!

  5. Mirel Bosman

    I was very enthusiastic about the training and hope we can put it into practice soon. Tim was great. Very nice way of training and he also remained very consistent and straightforward. If there is a pilot Kata coaching, I am highly recommended 🙂

  6. Carien Leeuwen

    Tim knows how to explain the material clearly and to lead the discussions in directions that are of use to you.

  7. Aswathykutty Chandravathy

    This is a well organised training session with lot of materials and activities to keep you engaged and also prompting you to think in terms of implementing it for your project. The indicators section is a challenging to grasp especially for new projects.

  8. Heli Kortetmäki

    Super interesting content and clearly a beneficial tool. Due to the topic being new to most participants some terms need more time to sink in before we start to use them. Also would be nice to allow a bit more time within the sessions for elaborate discussionsthat are directly relevant to our team, i.e. how WE can use what we’ve just learned, but that might mean the training needs to be four days… All in all, interesting and inspiring sessions with knowledgeable coaches.

  9. Parbeen Thandi

    Thought Tim was very good at articulating challenges and proposed solutions. He quickly understood some of the pitfalls mentioned and was able to provide appropriate examples. Liked the presentation style and the relaxed nature of the conversation. Thinkingabout an ‘even better if’… Wonder if it could be beneficial to have some short pre-requisite reading or briefing to help create alignment on the intended outcomes of the session (felt like some people came into it expecting something different… not wrong,just different).

  10. Irene Trimmel

    I really enjoyed the combination of theory and practice and am looking forward to a follow up training in the future.

  11. Paula Covrig

    I find this training useful, since it hepled me to get the basics of what Obeya is and how it can be implemented in the organization. I would have appreciated to see more examples of how other organisations are running it.

  12. Femke Mastboom

    I wanted more tools to connect the world of implementation and management in a meaningful way: how great when decisions made by directors and the value that the workplace creates reinforce each other as much as possible. Tim Wiegel’s very insightful, and at times confrontational, training on Toyota’s #obeya did not disappoint me! The combination of Visual Management and Agile techniques from #obeya are very practical and very inspiring! Thank you for this beautiful training.

  13. Jos van Minderhout

    Good training, a combination of Leadership and Obeya. Sometimes discussion with participants could have a little more focus and feedback on theory.

  14. Patrick Reep

    Instructive training for organizations that want to change, given by an enthusiastic trainer.

  15. Andy Rebbeck

    Tim, I want to thank and congratulate you on the training you provided and are providing. I think it is excellent and a good mix of concepts and intent with practical activities to reinforce the concepts and let learners have hands on experience to take with them. I don’t have any obvious things for improvement and having taken the course I am reinvigorated and also made re aware of the importance of planning and commitment from leadership for any initiative to have a chance of helping teams long term. The training has also given me thoughts of how to support others in my organization. I hope we can work together in some way on that.

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