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Many leadership teams find it hard to collaborate, execute strategy and bring about continuous improvement towards the higher goals that they set. This survey intends uncover the status of leadership systems and identify critical points for improvement. Start survey < 5 minutes Chance to win a free copy of Leading with Obeya

Leading with Obeya

Leading with ObeyaThe book

The book about the latest trend in leadership in organizations. Leadership in (Lean, Agile or traditional) organizations has the crucial function to facilitate maximum value creation so that the purpose of the organization and its strategic objectives can be realized. But how do you do that? And why is it not possible to achieve this despite the fact that stuff has been written about this topic for decades? Tim Wiegel explains how the human leadership potential can be used to the max in a large room.

Leading with obeya omslag boek

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Leading With Obeya is the title of a book by Tim Wiegel, founder of ObeyaCoaching.com. The reference model and book are devoted to the development of human leadership potential.

The book is the result of his studies of leadership, psychology, Lean and Agile practices and describes a visual approach to leadership in a physical space where leaders can practice their skills and develop.

Leading With Obeya – Reference Model

Maximize human leadership potential

Leading with Obeya

Download the full version of the Leading with Obeya reference model including descriptions for each area:

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