Obeya Introduction e-Learning (NL)

Essentials of the Leading with Obeya building blocks


  • 40 min. of course material
  • The foundation of leadership: about leadership and challenges
  • Obeya as a tool: origin and meaning
  • The Leading with Obeya method: addressing leadership challenges

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Obeya e-Training

For leaders, managers, and coaches who want to lead teams to success.

Obeya, Japanese for ‘big room’, is a visual management tool that connects strategy and operation. All projects, strategies, obstacles, and actions of the team become visible, leading to more overview and more effective collaboration. The Leading with Obeya (LWO) method uniquely uses the Obeya as a core instrument for team or organizational leadership.

This e-Learning is aimed at people who want an introduction to Obeya and how to use it for leading teams and organizations.

  • The most extensive introduction to Obeya
    All the information you need before you start a full-fledged training
  • Specially developed for leadership teams
    Leading with Obeya is the only method aimed at leadership teams that want to work with an Obeya
  • Accessible and fun
    In our interactive Introduction e-Learning, you will learn all about Obeya, with videos, texts, and exercises.
  • Lots of extras
    In the LWO network, you also get exclusive access to digital Obeya templates and materials

Some of the benefits of Obeya


  • Less complexity, more overview:
    LWO brings structure to complexity by visually organizing all project elements, providing a clear overview and insight across the entire organization.


  • Clear agreements and responsibilities:
    The method uses clear visual aids to clarify tasks, ownership, and deadlines, ensuring everyone knows who is responsible for what.


  • Priorities are clear, simpler decision-making:
    By making goals and workflows visible, LWO helps teams set priorities and simplifies the decision-making processes.
Waar komt obeya vandaan | What is the origin of obeya
  • Meetings are shorter and more productive:
    With LWO, meeting objectives are visually prepared and presented, leading to shorter, more focused, and efficient meetings.


  • Less siloing, more collaboration:
    LWO promotes cross-functional communication and collaboration by providing a common frame of reference that transcends departmental boundaries.


  • Goals are clear, so success is measurable:
    The method offers a clear framework for setting and tracking goals, making it easier to measure progress and define and celebrate success.


  • Less time spent on peripheral issues:
    Obeya helps identify and eliminate non-value-adding activities, so you can focus on what truly matters.


Obeya e-learning 2

Result of the Introduction e-Learning

  • Insight into the function and challenges of Leadership
  • Knowledge about what Obeya is
  • Insight into the LWO method for implementing Obeya
  • Knowledge of the principles behind the method

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Obeya e-learning

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