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  • Guide teams to a successful start
  • Setting up physical and virtual Obeyas
  • Theory and practice

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LWO Master training

Guide Teams to Success

This training is a combination of our LWO Specialist I & LWO Specialist II training. You will engage in a profound exploration and application of the LWO method, tailored for coaches aiming to successfully introduce Obeya practices within teams. Completion of LWO Foundation and Facilitator is a prerequisite.

Course Content

LWO Specialist I: After completing a self-paced preparatory phase, you dive into an intensive two-day training where you learn to convey Leadership with Obeya to others and effectively guide teams in setting up their Obeya space. This training is subject to an exam in the end.

LWO Specialist II: Subsequently, you independently work with a team in practical scenarios to showcase your skills. Throughout this phase, we are ready for consultation, reflection, and coaching to support you at every step. This training consists out of 4 hours of practical sessions, an evaluation and a practical assessment

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Key Takeaways

  • LWO 7-Step Approach: Concrete step-by-step guide to get started with teams
  • Tools, Tips & Tricks: for each step
  • LWO Reference Model: In-depth knowledge to utilize the model as a coaching tool, also for implementations
  • Hands-On Experience: In guiding a team to a successful start with Obeya
  • Virtual Obeya: Learn to set up both physical and virtual Obeyas

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Obeya trainingen - LWO Het platform in de wereld van obeya

Course Details

  • Language: Available in Dutch and English
  • Duration: 2 days for LWO Specialist I and 4 hours of practical sessions, an evaluation and a practical assessment for LWO Specialist II
  • Prerequisites: Completion of LWO Foundation and Facilitator
  • Available Dates Specialist I: December 6 & 7, ’23 (English)
  • Date Specialist II: To be determined in consultation with trainer
  • Alternative Dates: Contact us for different training dates

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Leading with Obeya als oplossing - LWO Het platform in de wereld van obeya

This is what our clients say

5 customer reviews

  1. Bertus Groenewegen

    The Obeya Master was challenging and fun! I really liked how Tim used the train-the-trainer approach, which shows the “develop people” principle.

  2. Raymond Buis

    “This is the Way”

  3. Mieke Storms Wiegel

    As used to from the Obeya training courses, it is a nice combination of theory, sharing practical experiences and a lot of practice and learning from each other. Tim has a lot of knowledge and knows how to convey it in a clear way. It is nice to work in small groups, so that there is a lot of attention for everyone’s personal challenges.

  4. Aswin van Veggel

    Excellent training LWO Master followed. Great training with room to share your dilemmas, knowledge and other experiences.

  5. Carolien de Kort

    I would have liked to have practiced explaining the Leading with Obeya Reference Model to others even more. In particular through more focus on the underlying theory and how you can best convey this, compared to the different working methods that you can use. I also had the feeling that the training was too short to go through everything below properly. Perhaps 3 days is not an unnecessary luxury.

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  • For whom is this training?

    The Leading with Obeya Specialist training is tailored for coaches and individuals who are passionate about guiding teams through the Obeya methodology. If you have completed the levels of LWO Foundation and Facilitator and are aiming to enhance your coaching expertise, then these courses are ideal for you.

  • Can I take Specialist II without completing Specialist I first?

    Completion of LWO Foundation, Facilitator, and Specialist I is a requirement to enroll in the Leading with Obeya Specialist II training. These trainings build upon each other, providing a comprehensive understanding and skill set as you progress through our specialized curriculum.

  • What does the training look like?

    Both LWO Specialist I and II are intensive training sessions. LWO Specialist I spans 2 days and concludes with an exam. LWO Specialist II includes 4 hours of practical sessions, an evaluation, and a practical assessment. These courses blend theoretical insights with hands-on application, incorporating engaging presentations, interactive discussions, practical exercises, and simulations of real-world scenarios to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

  • Can I attend the training on different dates if the scheduled ones are not suitable for me?

    If the scheduled dates for LWO Specialist I are not suitable for you, please get in touch with us. We understand the importance of flexibility and will do our best to accommodate your needs by providing information about alternative training dates.

  • Will I receive a certificate upon completing the LWO Specialist training?

    Yes, participants who successfully complete both LWO Specialist I and Specialist II will receive an internationally recognized and independent certificate for both trainings. This certificate acknowledges your commitment to advancing your expertise in guiding teams through the Obeya methodology.

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