Obeya Training

Leading with Obeya training

Obeya, management hype of the moment. What is it, how does it work and how can it help your organization collaborate more effectively and make better decisions? The training takes you into the background, visualisations and principles necessary to understand Obeya and make good use of it yourself. We do this in an actual Obeya room (virtual or physical depending on the location) in which you will see and learn by means of a case and practical examples.

For indivduals seeking to learn or certify themselves in the Leading with Obeya method, like leaders, managers, coaches or individuals with a general interest in the topic. English or German training available on request, please contact us before you book to ensure the training is delivered in your language of preference.

Interested in in-house training for teams or groups within your organization? Available in English, Dutch or German, please contact us for information, options and pricing.


Leading with Obeya has various training courses and corresponding recognition in the form of a certificate for participation. Training courses including all materials are offered in Dutch and English depending on the participants. Training courses are currently provided in the Netherlands and Belgium by various trainers.

obeya master training

Training and practice or the coach who wants to help certified other teams with the Leading with Obeya method.

obeya facilitation training

For coaches and facilitators who want to learn how to effectively guide teams in practice.

obeya fundamentals training

For anyone who wants to learn and practice Leadership with Obeya. With this training you have the basis for Leadership with Obeya in your hands.

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