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In this e-Training, you’ll learn to effectively implement and use Obeya.

  • Enhanced meeting efficiency
  • Better alignment between departments
  • Consistently achieving your goals
  • Reduced focus on peripheral matters
  • Generating more successes

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Obeya e-Training

Discover thé management method of the moment

Ready to optimize decision-making, enhance transparency, and fortify results? This Obeya e-Training is the digital counterpart of our live two-day Obeya Foundation training. Learn at your own pace, accessing modules when needed. For leaders, managers, coaches, and anyone seeking to lead teams to success.

What will you learn?

Our e-Training offers an interactive experience in which you learn in theory and reflect on practice.

  • Where Obeya comes from and how it relates to Lean and Agile working
  • Understanding the essence of leadership, why it is difficult, and how Obeya helps
  • You will explore the visual parts of Obeya
  • You can see and practice with an example of a virtual Obeya
  • How the LWO reference model works and how you can apply it yourself in your own environment
  • What the process of starting with Obeya looks like

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What is included in this e-Training?

You will also gain access to various materials which you can immediately put into practice. This course gives you between 8 and 16 hours of material, exercises, and reading pleasure. This course will lay the same foundation as our two-day live Obeya Foundation training. You will receive the following:

  • Direct access to all e-Training modules
  • The book ‘Leading with Obeya’
  • An Obeya starter pack for creating the physical Obeya space
  • Exclusive online access to digital Obeya templates and materials
  • The Reference Map of the Leading with Obeya Model
  • A 2-hour live session with the trainer
  • he Leading with Obeya Foundation certificate (if successfully completed)

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Obeya trainingen - LWO Het platform in de wereld van obeya

Key takeaways

  • Understanding of the theory and principles behind Obeya
  • Acquisition of knowledge and skills to independently utilize Obeya
  • Immediate applicability within your organization
  • Step-by-step guide to starting with Obeya
  • Create impact in your work as early as tomorrow
  • Internationally recognized Leading with Obeya certificate

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This is what our clients say

4 customer reviews

  1. Robin Burgering

    Despite initial skepticism, I am enthusiastic about this OBEYA training. I think that (in theory) it can certainly be of added value for myself and the organization in which I work and in which I am allowed to steer. I am, however, still apprehensive about the toughness of existing structures, or rather the lack thereof. However, the podcast by Ahold’s tech man gave a nice insight into this.
    All in all a useful training that I hope will stick with me and therefore also in the organization.

  2. Jeffrey van Hirtum

    It was very nice to follow an e-learning where theory and practice merged so well. Tim’s clear explanation was interspersed with practical questions from your environment and assignments where you had to get started with the theory immediately, very nice!

  3. Désirée Tieben-Busse

    I found this e-learning for fundamentals to be a great way to learn the basics. Very nice clear explanation in the videos. Nice combination of screen and book. I’m really looking forward to getting started with this, although I’m still looking for the best way to connect with all our kanban boards and scrum boards. But that’s okay!

  4. Miranda Sentjes

    Good package, it is immediately usable. I liked the videos best. Is also the laziest way of receiving information. Especially with everyone’s busy schedules. The mix of videos, reading a book, answering questions, reading e-learning things is good. The e-learning is well priced.

Some of our satisfied customers


  • What will I learn from the LWO Foundation E-training?

    The e-Training covers the theory and principles of Obeya, the visual components of Obeya, the use of physical and virtual setups, initiating an Obeya implementation journey, and understanding the application of the LWO reference model, all through an online learning platform.

  • How does the LWO Foundation e-Training differ from the LWO Foundation live training?

    The e-training offers the same high-quality content and a certificate upon completion, but there are some differences. The live training provides the opportunity for deeper interaction as you are constantly in conversation with a trainer and can ask questions. This can offer a more interactive learning experience and is ideal for those who prefer direct feedback and a more intensive learning environment.

  • What sets the LWO Foundation E-training apart from other training programs?

    The e-training offers the same comprehensive knowledge and practical skills as the traditional training, but it is conducted online. You have the opportunity to learn from the same developer who created the Leading with Obeya method and authored the book by the same name. With deep expertise and experience, you can trust that the e-training is designed to provide valuable insights and practical skills to effectively implement Obeya practices in your organization, even in a remote setting.

  • How interactive is the LWO Foundation E-training?

    The e-training combines online theory with practical exercises, providing a hands-on and engaging learning experience from the comfort of your own location. Participants have the chance to practice what they learn in various scenarios, even in a virtual environment.

  • Is the Leading with Obeya certification internationally recognized for the LWO Foundation E-training?

    Yes, the online training  provides the same internationally recognized Leading with Obeya certification upon completion as the live training.

  • How will the LWO Foundation E-training benefit my organization's performance?

    The e-training equips participants with practical skills to implement Obeya practices, which can result in streamlined processes, improved teamwork, quicker decision-making, and enhanced goal achievement, even in a virtual environment.

  • What support is available after completing the LWO Foundation E-training?

    After the e-training, participants can access our LWO Network for additional online resources, support forums, and virtual follow-up sessions to help address implementation challenges and ensure the successful application of Obeya practices, even remotely.

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