2-day LWO Facilitator Training

08mayAll Day22(All Day)(GMT+02:00) 2-day LWO Facilitator TrainingLearn how to facilitate Obeya sessions effectively Event TagsEnglish training,On-site and online


8 May 2024 - 22 May 2024 (All Day)(GMT+02:00)

Event Details

Would you like to learn how to facilitate Obeya sessions optimally and effectively? Are you looking for practical tips and techniques to strengthen ownership and discipline within your team? Then the LWO Facilitator Training is perfect for you!

What will you learn?

During the LWO Facilitator Training, you will gain the skills and knowledge you need to facilitate Obeya routines in an optimal, effective, and sustainable way. You will learn:

✔ The different roles that are important during Obeya sessions and how to utilize them correctly.
✔ How to strengthen ownership and discipline within the team, ensuring everyone is involved and takes responsibility.
✔ Practical tips and tricks for effective interventions as a facilitator, so you can smoothly guide the sessions and bring out the best in the team.
✔ How to use the LWO Reference Model as a powerful coaching tool to support and guide the team.
✔ Discovering and applying improvements in practices, enabling continuous growth and enhancing the sessions over time.

Training outcomes

Upon completion of the LWO Facilitator Training, you can expect the following results:
✔ Understanding of your own pitfalls and strengths as a facilitator, enabling further personal development and continuous improvement.
✔ The ability to effectively facilitate Obeya sessions with confidence and control.
✔ Enhanced intervention skills: taking the right actions at the right time and ensuring smooth session flow.
✔ The opportunity to share and discuss practical examples with other participants, learning from each other’s experiences and gaining inspiration.

Ready to take the next step in facilitating Obeya sessions? Enroll in the LWO Facilitator Training and develop the skills you need to be successful as an Obeya facilitator. Improve teamwork, decision-making, and your team’s results with this practical and valuable training.

How to register:

This event is Hybrid, you can attend either in-person or remotely online.
You can directly sign up through our training page or RSVP YES to this event, and we will contact you!


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