Find out if your leadership system is up for the challenges you’ll face in 2022!

Gepubliceerd op 11 January 2022

I think we can all agree that #2022 will be full of interesting challenges. Have you adapted your organization’s #strategy to deal with the changes and challenges we’re facing today?

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???? You might want to look into this if you want your strategy to become more than just a slick looking Powerpoint deck that ends up gathering dust in your archives…

⚙️ The ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? is the way the organizations set goals, addresses performance towards those goals and also how it incorporates a way of working that allows for ????????????????????????????????????, ???????????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? throughout the organization.

???? The pressure on the #leadership system has never been so high. Leaders in organizations are facing a world inside and outside the walls of the organization that demands more #agility and at the same has a huge need for a consistent #vision in where to go from here.

???? If you keep doing what you did you’ll keep getting what you got.

Do you feel confident your leadership system is fit for the job? We’ve setup a simple self-scan tool with some questions that will help you reflect on this question at this start of the year. ☑️


I hope you too will contribute to a better world in which all life may live long and prosper 🙂

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