LWO Pop-up bord

A complete and portable Obeya board that you can build and disassemble with content and all and take it with you to your next meeting or large room.

The signs are set up with lightweight aluminum tubes. Once a board is standing (10 – 15 minutes construction time) it can be moved in its entirety or dismantled and rebuilt elsewhere.

We work almost entirely with sustainable, lightweight materials that are recycled, recyclable or reusable.

The board can also be ordered blank if you want to place your own Obeya decoration on it. Add-ons are also possible, please contact us.

Are you looking for a permanent solution with a modular or mobile board? Also take a look at our colleagues at Agilewalls.com

Portable pop-up Obeya board with layout according to ‘Leadership with Obeya’ method.

Package dimensions:

  • 5 aluminum frame (tubes) = 200 cm high x 6cm wide x 5 cm deep
  • 4 x Obeya re-boards = 135 cm high x 105cm wide x (4x) 1 cm deep

The total Obeya board when set up is 315cm wide and 105cm high (surface area) with an Act & Respond board of 135 x 105 cm.

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