Leadership with Obeya Facilitation

How do you facilitate effective Obeya sessions? The perfect Obeya session. What does that one look like? In order to facilitate this, you must first map out the practice.

Do you want to facilitate your team more effectively in their Leadership with Obeya sessions? We will look at your practice and help you facilitate based on the underlying Leadership with Obeya reference model. An extensive demo Obeya lets the participants practice with common practical situations during Obeya sessions.

Who is it for?

  • This training is aimed at coaches and facilitators
  • People with Obeya experience or who will soon start using it
  • Completion of LWO Fundamentals is a prerequisite

What will you learn?

  • Tips & tricks for facilitating Leadership with Obeya sessions
  • How to use the LWO Reference Model as a coaching model
  • How to implement the routines
  • Where to find the improvements
  • How to guide the team there
  • Practical tips on how to set up a physical and virtual Obeya

Results of the training

  • Further insight into how Leadership with Obeya works
  • Insights to help you facilitate in the Obeya
  • Seeing practical examples and sharing them with others
  • Practice with facilitating the sessions, including feedback from the trainer

If you have completed the Fundamentals training (prerequisite), then this is the right training for you.

Dit is wat onze klanten zeggen

  1. Martin Hartman

    The training was done in an Obeya way in which your learning goals and learning questions were treated concretely. Training in a small group so that there was a lot of attention for the individual participants.

  2. Lisette Graafsma

    Highly recommended for anyone who seriously wants to work with Obeya. Do the Fundamentals and the Facilitation, and then you can really get value from working with Obeya.

  3. Iris Spekman

    I attended the training before I started as a facilitator. The disadvantage of this is that the rituals we practiced with could have been discussed in more detail for me, but the big advantage was that I was able to make a better start in our team.

  4. Marije

    Nice, practical training with plenty of room for personal input and sharing & learning from each other’s experiences.

  5. Thea Kuipers

    I have received many tools to properly fulfill my role as a Facilitator. The two days were sufficient and there was enough room for your own input. I would like to have a refresher in the form of some handles on paper.

  6. Annelies de Meyere

    Great training, though I got a bit lost in structure of which topics we covered at what point. Good interaction with the group and very detail oriented explaining the why and reasoning behind the facilitation.

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