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Welcome to the Leading With Obeya (LWO) Network! Here you will have access to everything you need to start and continue your Leading with Obeya adventure.

If you have followed a training, you will see the downloads relevant to you under ‘templates and materials’. You will receive additional or more extensive templates for each training level.

There is also the possibility to request additional support or to discuss their experiences with other members.

Download extended Obeya model

Here you will find the extensive Leading With Obeya – Reference model with additional explanation and an example Obeya on the last page.

Ask your question

Here you can talk to others who also work with Leading With Obeya after they have completed the training.

LWO Network events

Together we build a better world by developing better leadership. We do this by exchanging knowledge and expertise with other people who work with the Leading with Obeya method.

Below you will find the currently scheduled events. These are sometimes online, hybrid or on location. You can also follow all our events in our meetup group

5 July 2022 – ‘The latest developments in Leading with Obeya‘ by Tim Wiegel

Did you miss an event? For some events, we may share the live sessions below.


Files and video’s of previous sessions


Virtual Obeya

Here you can take a look at our virtual Obeya of the Bicycle Factory in Miro. You can copy all the templates and use it yourself, or use the demo Obeya to explain to other people.

This is the link you can copy: https://miro.com/app/board/uXjVOXpfhqo=/

Cut & paste this password to open the Obeya: L3adingWith0Beya

Book a coach

Would you like to spar about a problem, learn more about a certain technique or support the development of your Obeya? Book a session with an experienced Obeya coach here.

A booking module will be added here, which is still under development. For now you can submit a request to info@obeyacoaching.nl, specify your request and preference for the coaching moment. You will then receive a proposal via ObeyaCoaching.

Download templates and materials

Here you can download the original templates and adapt them to your own needs.

Access to your e-Learning environment

Have you purchased the e-Learning? Here you can go to the elearning environment. Log in with the details you received by email.

Do you have questions about the e-Learning? Then put it below!

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