2-day LWO Master Training 1 & 2 november 2023 (ENG)

01novAll Day02(All Day) 2-day LWO Master Training 1 & 2 november 2023 (ENG)For coaches who want to help others start with Obeya


november 1 (Wednesday) - 2 (Thursday)

Event Details

As an Obeya Master, would you like to help your colleagues make their Obeya a success? After self-guided preparation, you will participate in two days of intensive training where you will learn how to explain Leadership with Obeya to others and effectively guide teams in setting up their Obeya.

Subsequently, you will independently work with a team and demonstrate your skills. Throughout this process, you will maintain a line of communication with us for feedback, reflection, and coaching.

If you and your team can successfully establish an Obeya, you will receive the coveted ‘Leading With Obeya Master’ certificate from us!

Expect a high level of interaction, reflective exercises, and practical Obeya examples.

Learn to effectively guide teams:

✔ Assist colleagues with their Obeya
✔ Start using LWO’s 7-step approach
✔ Further utilize the LWO reference model as a coaching model, including implementations
✔ Experience guiding a team towards a successful start with Obeya
✔ Practical tips for setting up physical and virtual Obeyas
✔ Receive guidance and coaching
✔ Practice and reflection

This training is designed for coaches who want to help others start with Obeya. Completion of LWO Fundamentals and Facilitation is a prerequisite, and there will be an intake process for participation. Participants are expected to have sufficient seniority and capabilities to guide teams through a change like this.

How to register: You can directly sign up through our training page or RSVP YES to this event, and we will contact you!”





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